May 26, 2020

Customer service and support

Here are some ideas to show you how we can support your business

First impression and initial customer service count, never miss a sales enquiry

The team

HG support have a trained and proficient sales team to respond to your clients

How does it work?

We can:

  • Screen or filter enquiries, with your chosen qualifying questions. Making sure you don’t miss a new customer while filtering out the time wasters
  • Respond within your agreed time frame
  • Provide company information or answer FAQ’s
  • Agree a follow up time and follow up initial enquiries for you
  • Once an enquiry has been qualified we can forward their details in a format and time that suits you.
  • Client service

You work hard on finding new clients; we can help you keep them

Clients need their expectations managing or they usually assume the worst

We can respond to client questions and provide a responsive point of contact for your clients

  • CRM – database management

We can input data and manage your existing customer relationship strategy

  • Problem solving

We respond to your clients problems, prioritise and present those problems to you in a format and time that works for your business.